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WARNING: What I’m about to share with you may change where you or your clients are seated next time you are out for a concert, Broadway show or game and may seriously improve your enjoyment of the event!  


All I ask is a few minutes of your time. All text. No amazing graphics or ridiculous claims. Just straight talk from someone who knows the industry inside out.


But first let me introduce myself.


My name is Jerry Raynor and I’ve been in the ticket resale business for over 30 years. Always a huge music fan, I opened a music store in my 20s and soon expanded into selling tickets to live events. Even then I believed I could provide better and safer experiences for my customers, well above what some of my colleagues were offering at the time.


I may have been an over-confident young man back in those days, but little has changed except my age and level of experience since then. Now I KNOW that l can do better than most, and my track record is there to prove it.

Ticket resale has come a long way in the past few decades and I remember it being more like the Wild West some 30-40 years ago. To give you an idea, resellers back then were often considered shady characters, to put it graciously. They commonly resided in short term business locations with no official addresses, trading in questionably acquired - and occasionally misspelled - tickets that were sold in hurried cash-only, non-refundable transactions with no satisfaction guarantees or after-sale support.

"Thanks again Jerry, 

you always come to the rescue. I trust you implicitly!


- Nancy O.


Q. Why should I buy from you when there are a myriad of household names to choose from?

A. For the very same reason that your favorite restaurant is likely not a chain. You go to your beloved diner, pub, pizza joint, or osteria because everything is a bit more comfortable and the quality is exactly to your liking. The managers and staff have known you for years and strive to please you. Plus, they know how. Your favorite restaurant may not necessarily be more expensive than a chain, but even if it were, it’s always better than a generic experience where you are one customer of many. When shopping for tickets, almost anyone can look up a resale site and make their own choice. But is today the right day to buy? Would tomorrow or next week offer better seat choices, at more attractive prices? If you entrust your search with me, I guarantee I will find the best tickets for you based on all of your preferences.

Q. Hey Jerry, why are there no events on your website?

A. Even the largest reseller does not have access to listings of all the available tickets that are on the market at any given time. Most of the better seats for any event are owned by ticket brokers and not all brokers list their inventory on every portal. Several ticket broker portals power all of the retail sites, and they all have a unique mix of inventory. I belong to all broker portals so I have an overview of ALL available tickets to your chosen event, not just most of them. When you call me with a ticketing need, I will consider everything that’s out there to match you with your dream seats.

Q. I have an assistant who takes care of searching for tickets for my personal and business needs. I need to grab some tickets for a client ASAP. How can you help them? 

A. You will find that I am highly available - nearly 7/365 - and have put together many last-minute requests. Most of my corporate work is done through PAs tasked with getting tickets for clients. I can even work directly with field reps and those they are entertaining if need be. This frees up my clients’ time  by leaving the legwork, research and ticket delivery to me.

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